Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paper Xmas Village

This weekend, I made 12 paper Christmas theme houses. 
It all started when my sister, Lana, gave me these adorable stamps from Michelle Ward - Twelve Days of Christmas.
I first stamped them on kraft paper and cut them in different house shapes.
The next step was to add some odd shape roofs using a variety of xmas paper.
Then I embellished them with chimney, doors and windows.
I added an "L" shaped piece of cardboard on the back so they can stand up on their own, but then I decided to put mine in a garland.
Here's some close up shots...


  1. omg, they look so beautiful.. you have so much energy and keep everyone happy. i really appreciate playing with you and having your input in my current project. lana k

  2. Too cute for words. How do you come up with such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG Love these!!!!!!
    Never have seen the stamps they are wonderful and these are just GREAT!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Laura H

  4. Connie!
    You are a creative machine!!! I love ALL you do! Happy Holidays!

  5. Talented Connie,
    Oh your sister is such a dear,you are so lucky to have her !!! Sisters are so special and true.
    I just adore the house stamps and what you created with them.The little houses are so adorable and love how they looked added to the garland of lights.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    Big hugs,Laura. xoxx
    Love those artful little houses.. : )