Sunday, January 15, 2012

Candace Kling Ribbon Flower Class

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful day taking one of Candace Kling's amazing Ribbon Flower classes. We focused on Fuchsias and Pansies. Tricia was a lovely hostess in her beautiful home.
Above were our ribbon flower inspirations, all created by Candace.
Below is how the fuchsia starts. This step is called mother hubbard's cupboard.
 This is my board at the beginning of class.
Did you notice that green pick-up truck pin cushion? I made that Saturday morning before class. I've been wanting to make this ever since I saw Cathe Holden's post on making a pin cushion from a pick-up truck. Her example was a bit bigger, but I haven't been able to find just the right size this little match box truck will have to do for now.
Here's my sister, Maryl concentrating on her flower.
 And my other sister, Frances, working on her piece very carefully.
 Here's a picture of all the student boards...
Below is Fran's flower board. I took a picture of her board separately, since she had to leave early...such beautiful flowers.
Here's my final board...
Picture of me with Candace.
It was a great class, I learned so much and the setting was just perfect!
The last item I wanted to share with you is this ribbon holder from Joann's. I love this storage holder for my washi and wire ribbon. Michael's doesn't carry this one, I checked. I think I need to pick up a second one.


  1. Thanks so much for coming to the class with your sisters and for taking
    great pictures as I knew I could count on you! I just have to get better at
    this picture taking thing. Can't wait 'til the next class. Love everyone's
    creations! Tricia

  2. What a wonderful class...I am amazed how with just a few steps, a beautiful flower can be created! Candace is a great teacher and Tricia a terrific hostess!