Monday, January 2, 2012

Flea Market Finds & 2012 Journal

Happy New Years! Yesterday, I went to the Alameda Pt. Flea Market with my sister, Pat. It was a gorgeous day on Sunday, perfect for hunting and picking. Here are my finds of the day:
I found lots of vintage books this time. My favorite is the one below...
A scrapbook for kids from 1910. It's kind of like a modern day sticker book. Here's the inside.

Here are my other vintage books I found (notice that picture frame, I got 3 of them - love them!)...
Also some rhinestone pieces and a cute little velvet purse...
Old children's cooking toys (thanks to Lisa for letting me buy a couple pieces she decided she didn't want)...
Some beautiful wall paper scraps...
It was a good trip and I love running into so many familiar faces: Maryl, Lisa, Tricia, Deb & Shawna.

I also wanted to share my 2012 journal. My sister Lana gave me this great journal made by "A Song In My Heart." This is how it came:
They've made these journal calendars for several years now, they're very cool looking, but I decided to embellish further. Here's how my cover looks now:
And here's how I embellished the inside pages:

Below are what the weekly pages look like. That "star" girl was a New Years card that my sister, Diana, sent me - too cute!
I think I'll have fun embellishing these pages. I'll try to show pages from my journal periodically.


  1. Great finds, wonderful emblished journal & terrific card from Dee...nice work!! F

  2. Great finds at Alameda. We were there too! LOOOVE the Journal.

  3. Love the journal - and what you have done to alter it!

    Great Star card! Chris

  4. I love the journal cover - you gave it your signature touch. Beautiful pages inside as well, love all your little details.

  5. oh mu gosh! i want to go flea marketing with you!!