Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wonderful Cake Box Class by Diana Giambrone

Yesterday, we celebrated my sister Frances's birthday by having a three-tiered cake box class taught by Diana Giambrone ( Below are the samples made by our wonderful teacher:
The class was so much fun and these boxes are just adorable. We made the boxes from scrapbook paper. Each box can be opened. The completed size measures just 6" high and about 4" wide. Below are the ones we made.
Some of us made more than one. The pink/green ones with Maria on the top was the class kit. The other cake boxes were the ones we made using our own stash of paper and embellishments.
As you can see in some of the pictures, the theme of the party was Twilight, my sister's favorite movie and Robert Pattinson being her favorite actor.
 We all dressed in black and white (except Frances, cuz it was a surprise).
Lana, Kacia & Pat
Below is a close up shot of the first one I made.
Here's the second one I made - four tier with a frozen charlotte on top. The other two in the background are the ones Rachel made after the class was over. I showed her how to do it and she whipped these up in no time last night. She plans to make more and put her clay figures on top.

Happy Birthday Frances! As you can see, Frances changed her clothes...during the party she ran home to dress into her Twilight clothes. Ruby made that fabulous shadow box for her. If you look closely, you can see a shrink plastic Robert Pattinson necklace I made for Frances.
Love that candelabra candle holder! I got that at Urban Outfitters.
It was such a fun day crafting and being with family and friends!


  1. Just a huge thx to everyone for making my Twilight bd celebration so spectacular. Lunch was super yummy, gifts magnificant & clever, class project so beautiful & fun to make, but most of all, enjoyed hanging w/the best & most thoughtful people in the world! With love & gratitude, Frances

  2. Connie,

    Thank you for hosting such a fun birthday party! It was a lot of fun just creating, eating, and partying! Cheers!


  3. So awesome,now that is a fabulous party..
    Thanks for sharing Connie,what a amazing birthday !!!!
    The power and love of sister.......
    Hugs,Laura. xoxx

  4. OMG , too cute.....You guys are so much fun. Lets get together soon.
    See ya,
    Debbie Addie

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