Saturday, February 4, 2012

Twilight Birthday Party

A couple weekends ago, we celebrated my sister's bday by having a wonderful paper cake workshop taught by Diana Giambrone (see earlier post). The theme of the party was Twilight/Pattinson.
I just wanted to show you some of the creative gifts we all gave my sister for her bday. Her one request was for the sisters to create a Robert Pattinson calendar.  This was inspired by the recent calendar project I did with the Catherine Moore stamps.

Here are the calendar pages my sisters and I created...
This was a great idea for anyone who's a Robert Pattinson fan!

Below are some more fun Twilight gifts we gave my sister.
My sister Pat created a beautiful 3-D paper bag album, Diana G made the 2 unique Pattinson's on a stick (one of them being fully articulated), and I made the shrinky dink necklace from his photos and magazine covers.

Ruby created this outstanding Twilight shadow box...we were all amazed and impressed with this project. Each section was so adorable...we all loved it!
Then today, I received this thank you note from my sister which was so appropriate. She transformed a party invitation into a Twilight Thank You great is that! She added the black heart trim at the top, the Love red ribbon, the flowers and then stamped "twilight" in the corner.


  1. Great seeing the completed calendar with everyone's ideas for doing their months. It came together beautifully. What great gifts for a Twilight theme party - a lot of talented artists. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. A belated thanks to everyone for the fantastic Twilight/Pattinson bd class/party. The decorations were over the top & the food very yummy. The cake was beautifully decorated & best tasting ever. But most of all was the fabulous paper cake class by Diana Giambrone who was the perfect teacher. All my birthday gifts were extraordinary & can't thank you all enough. A special thx to Connie for hosting & Diana for driving all the way from Folsom. With love & gratitude, Frances