Thursday, February 9, 2012

My New China Doll

I love the mix of vintage china doll heads with vintage tin. A couple months ago I picked up some vintage kitchen toys. I knew when I saw the colander, that it would make for a perfect skirt. I created this altered doll this week.
My sister Lana gave me a bunch of china doll heads for my birthday...I used one of them for this doll. I started with these pieces...
I stacked them upon each other like this...
I added a pot upside down on top of the colander for the body. I used polymer clay to mold the head piece unto the pot. I then embellished the doll with lace, ribbon and bling. This was so much fun, I can't wait to make more.

I also wanted to share my finds from this month's Alameda Pt. flea market.
I love to buy vintage photos made of tin. They make great art, but it's still hard for me to cut them up. I'm into collecting pedestal candy dishes - they make great holders for small bits. I found various rhinestone pieces at great prices. I bought a group of pretty colored embroidery thread. Picked up this cute necklace made from a salt shaker. And still looking for vintage pickup trucks, to make more pin cushions.


  1. What an adorable colander china doll..very clever and original (love the lace jeweled bodice). F

  2. is there nothing you can't do?!! she ia amazing! I was at stampington and saw your article for "life" all those little books! they are wonderful!!! congrats!!

  3. Connie!
    Can't wait to see you for class!
    LOVE your new creation!!
    Diana G

  4. Love the Alameda finds and your creative doll.......
    Thank you for sharing as you always do!

    Laura H

  5. Your so Awesome Connie,I love your imagination. Those new cabinet cards are rocking fabulous find !! I can't wait to see what wonderful creation you dream of.Love your new China doll.Thanks for sharing..
    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. omg, connie..this is so fine! you know i adore china doll heads....your creation is so unique and whimsical. hope we can do a class like this... will look for more tin toys.. great finds @ alameda..

    lana kloch

  7. You outdid yourself with this very adorable, whimsical doll. So cute!