Sunday, February 26, 2012

Button Card Class

Yesterday, I had a great group of friends over for a Button Card Class. I made some very basic samples, but these girls went over the top with their button cards. The set below was made by Diana.
This was the class kit I handed out.
Below is a photo of Irene, Diana and Lois. 
This set was created by Lois.
Below is a photo of Lois, Maryl and Ruby.
This group of cards was made by Irene.
It was a fun day of cutting, pasting and sewing.
This set was created by Maryl.
I just have to share the thoughtful gifts I received from my friends. Ruby gifted me with her favorite organic bouillon for making soups. Diana made this adorable wool felted heart. Irene made some amazing earrings. Maryl gave me this cute Cutex box from the 50s and a delicious lemon meringue pie.  Lois, I love the envelope you presented me with your payment. Geez guys, an apple would have been just fine.
This set was created by Ruby.
I just love how all the cards turned out! Thanks to October Afternoon for coming up with this line of paper called Farmhouse.


  1. What a great idea Connie! It sounds like fun and wish I could of joined in on the fun! Maybe someday!

  2. Great button cards ladies!! They're all soooo cute and so different. Looks like a fun class!

  3. Connie I love your kit presentation! The girls did a great job they all look wonderful! looks like fun was had by all :)
    Laura H

  4. Connie,
    This I was such a fun class! Thank you for sharing all the great supplies!!! Your generosity was over the top!!! It was great to meet Lois and always great to be with Maryl and Ruby! Irene and I are going to turn our cards into pennant banners with our shop names for a little show we are doing in the summer!
    Thanks again,
    Diana g.

  5. Connie ~ I really enjoyed the class. I love how all my button cards came are a great teacher!

    Diana - I love the idea of turning your cards into pennant banners - you'll have to take a picture and share with all of us after you've completed it!