Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pickup Truck Pin Cushions

I've been inspired by Cathe Holden's post on vintage pickup trucks from a couple years ago. She created a pin cushion from a toy truck, and I couldn't wait to do the same. Lately, I've been on the hunt for cute match box style pickup trucks. I scored today by finding four trucks at Safari Toys in Alameda.
I now have this collection of 8 pickup truck pin cushions. They're very easy to make. Take a small scrap of fabric and baste around edge. Fill with stuffing and pull thread to make a ball. Glue the fabric ball into bed of the pickup truck...and that's it!
If you look for these trucks at Alameda Point Flea Market, they usually go for about $5. At the Safari Toys store, they have 9 bins of match box cars/trucks for just .95 each and then the special vintage ones are locked in a case for $10 and up. If the trucks look too new, I take my emery board and scuff off some of the paint. I needed at least 6 for my students, to keep their needles handy. Fun, quick project!

Then on a side note, these past couple weeks, I've been working on framing restaurant articles for Shan Dong - that mini restaurant re-model I've been helping out with. Here's how they came out.
Also, you have to see my daughter's nails this week. I'd say this is shabby chic inspired.
Lastly, here's some more of my daughter's creations today. They're hand drawn images placed into recycled bottled caps and covered with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Too cute, I love eye's on anything now :-).
Have a great President's Day weekend!


  1. connie, Your daughter needs her own etsy shop for these darling bottle caps!

  2. Your pin cushion trucks are too cute for words...perfect as they don't take up much space. Love Rachel's beautifully painted nails and bottle caps...she's quite the artist! F

  3. Rachel ~ Love the shabby chic nails! Connie ~ the pin cushion trucks are adorable!

  4. The pincushion trucks are so cute and whimsical- and how thoughtful of you to make one for your students to use. Rachel, your nails are beautiful, I like the fact that you added the striped nails with the flower patterns - very unique and eye catching - totally chic! Your bottle cap art are so cool - love the art work and shiny gloss to them.