Saturday, May 12, 2012

Debrina Pratt Workshop

Today, I hosted a Debrina Pratt Workshop. We made a fabulous tin shadow box project that we all adored! Here's the one I made.  I love the colors and images she uses, they're so precious and magical.
Debrina did a great job; she was very organized, helpful, generous with her tips, tricks, and supplies!
We had a great group of students - 4 out of  my 5 sisters came as well as some of my dear and closest art friends.
 It was so fun to catch up with everyone again.
 Creating art.
 Cutting and pasting.
 Adding crystals and glitter.
 Adding flowers and crepe paper.
 Below is a picture of my work in progress.
Smile girls!
Here are some of the finished projects. Aren't these too cute? The girls lined them up in a row like an Enchanted Train.
And here are the rest of them.
Below is the hostess gift I received from Debrina - I just love it!
Thank you everyone for making this such a special day. I appreciate all the gifts, food and flowers everyone brought. A special thank you to Debrina for teaching another great class! What a Mother's Day treat!
Beautiful flowers from my sisters Diana and Maryl
Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. Connie!!!
    Once again, this was a fun filled day of creating and friendsship with CREATIVE people!!
    Thank you for hosting such a fun class! I LOVE Debrina she is as sweet as her creations!
    xox, diana G.

  2. What a great class! Lots of fun, wonderful food, good company, terrific teacher! Connie ~ thank you for hosting!

  3. Connie,
    Sending a bundle of love and gratitude! Thank you for being YOU.

  4. Connie , Thank you again for hosting such a great class! Always such fun creating with & meeting
    new friends ......Debrina was a pleasure & so talented....loved her! I would definitely come to another one of her classes! Happy Mothers Day, Irene

  5. Connie
    Thank you for hosting such a wonderful creative class with wonderful creative women!
    Debrina is magical just like her creations!
    It was a lovely way too spend the afternoon and I enjoyed each and every conversation, and sharing "girl " talk....
    You are very lucky to have such wonderful sisters!
    Thank you as always for having us in your home!

    Look forward too your next class!
    Laura H :)

  6. Wow...what a wonderful day of crafting with such talented ladies. Thx Debrina for the adorable project & being so organized & helpful. Thx Connie for being the perfect hostess again. I enjoyed spending the day with everyone in the perfect setting & can't wait for the next class! With sincere appreciation, F

  7. oh why do you have to live so far away! I just love all of your creativity!!