Monday, May 21, 2012

Williams Sonoma Inc. Sample Sale

This weekend was our company (Pottery Barn is also a part of Williams Sonoma Inc.) sample sale. The company hosts these sample sales 4 times a year. I missed the last two sales, so I was especially looking forward to this one. I thought I'd share some of my finds. Everything on this table I picked up from the sale, including those over sized ornaments hanging from the light.
This is the size of the crowd before they let you in...about 700 hundred people waiting to get in... unfortunately, I was one of the last 10 people to go in due to my high number.
Below is one of my favorite pieces: a large faux clock. It's about 4' in diameter. It's super heavy, so I was thinking of using if for a table top...we'll see!
I'm hoping I can hang this wire bird cage outside, but I'm not sure about hanging something from stucco.
I also picked up a variety of Christmas themed objects.
Below are some fun Halloween costumes I bought (xmas tree, cup cake and jester).
I also picked up a little bowling game, message board, and chicken feed. I'll be bringing that bowling game out at our next family gathering.
More of my favorites is a script printed travel tote. Maryl, you can have the pool table wind up toy to add to your collection, since I know Rocky likes playing pool.
That's about it. Even though my lottery number to get in wasn't great, I still was able to pick up some good finds!


  1. Connie ~ Nice finds! Lucky you that you work for such such a great company! Thanks for the wind-up pool will go nicely with my antique toy collection.

  2. Wonderful..Hey are you guys going to the Remnants of the Past show?
    Debbie Addie

  3. Hi Debbie, no plans on going to Remnants of the Past at San Luis Obispo. Sounds like it would be fun!

  4. Connie!
    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    It's like Christmas on your table!
    Love the immaculate hearts!
    Diana G