Friday, May 18, 2012

Ruffle Totes

I love ruffles and this week I decided I to make a couple of ruffle totes.
I was inspired by a purse I saw at Magpie in San Jose. It’s an adorable store; you should stop by when you’re in the area. There was an oversized linen ruffle purse there…it was a little too big for my size and a little too expensive. So, I was determined to make one this week. I went to several fabric stores this weekend to find the right linen. Joann’s had the best selection. 
I made the purse without a pattern…I used some of my totes as models. I started by making ruffles.
Then I cut out the main body.
Next, I sewed on the ruffles to the body, added the handles and then added a draw string closure using some black and white stripped ribbon. I’m happy with how it turned out.

As I was shopping for the linen fabric, I came across this remnant piece of blue and white ticking fabric for $8.
I thought the blue and white ticking fabric would be perfect for another tote, so I had to buy it, too.
For some reason, I tend to start with the ruffles first. I ripped 3” strips of fabric.
I sewed a basting stitch down the middle and gathered up the fabric. 
Below is how the ruffles look sewn on the body of the purse.
Next was to sew a top piece to the purse.
The finished ruffle tote…
Two new ruffle purses to add to my collection of totes!


  1. Wow, that was quick...didn't you just show me the fabric? Both came out beautiful, nice job!!. F

  2. I love your totes...especially the oatmeal & white ruffled one - SO adorable!

  3. Both totes are really cute. One is fun looking and the other is more tailored. Great that you saw something you liked and went home and sewed one for yourself. Thanks for sharing your technique.

  4. Connie!
    I love the one made from ticking!! Totally gorgeous!!
    xox, Diana

  5. Love the totes! I have been putting off making a ruffled apron and your totes have inspired me to get going on that project. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love! Love!!! Love!!!!!

  7. Hey Connie , always fun to see what your creating! Love the oatmeal & white one ,too . I'm inspired .. Not great at sewing , but am going to try! ...Irene.