Thursday, May 17, 2012

Money Lei for Graduation Ceremony

It’s that time of the year…graduation ceremonies are all around.  My niece’s son, Dylan, will be going to University of Hawaii this Fall. My niece came up with a craft project for my sisters to work on, a money lei.  We love a challenge and this is what we came up with.
We folded up 60 - $1 bills in an accordion fold and just taped the ends together to make a full circle. We separated each dollar bill with a green bead. We strung the beads and dollar bills together using twine.
I really like leaves in the lei when it’s for a guy, it looks more masculine. We hot glued leaves into the beads. Dylan’s school colors are red and white, so we tied some bows around the lei for color. This just might have to be a new graduation tradition. Aloha!


  1. You guys rock!! This came out great! Dylan will love this and so will Nat. It's perfect for him going to Univ. of Hawaii.

  2. Great pics & so happy with outcome. Thx for all your great ideas & help!! F

  3. I LOVE it ~ I knew you girls would come through! I'll take pictures of Dylan at Graduation so you girls can see how great it looks!

    Thanks so much <3

  4. This came out amazing!! you guys are so creative and talented!

  5. oh my gosh!! we were at my sons graduation this weekend and I couldn't believe the beautiful, beaded, floral and money lei's. we are on the same page because my new blog post is going to be about my son's graduation and the beautiful lei's! I have never seen anything like them!!

    love your bags as well they are wonderful!

  6. How can I place an order for a graduation leis w/beads. Also want to know if u can creat the same leis w/beads for my wrist. Graduating with my PhD in May. Want to do it in style...please contact me to discuss rates etc...Bless u!

    909 6412056