Saturday, January 12, 2013

Finally Finished My 2nd Quilt!

I made my first quilt 17 years ago for my son, Christopher. Three years later when I had my second child, Rachel, I knew someday I had to make a quilt for her too. I started her quilt 3 years ago, inspired by a picture from the book Material Obsession. Well, this past week, I finally finisher her quilt! If you've been following my blog, you've seen the quilt in progress. I'm happy to share with you the finished quilt.
The quilt is a series of patchwork dolls and houses.
I had so much fun embellishing the panels with buttons and baubles. 
Here's one close-up of a doll panel...
And below is the picture of my son's quilt...not as colorful, but had more detailed quilting.
I'm so glad I only had two kids, cause these quilts are a lot of work! Does anyone need some quilting supplies? :-)

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  1. both quilts are lovely and I am sure your kids love them!
    Laura H :)