Sunday, January 20, 2013

Samples Made for Tim Holtz @ CHA

My December was busy with not only getting ready for the holidays, but I was also making samples for Tim Holtz, to be used at the CHA (Craft Hobby Association) winter show in Anaheim. I wasn't able to let anyone know until after the show was over. It all started in November, when I got an email from Paula Cheney, the creative coordinator for Tim and it ended with me sending in over 10 samples to be used in their booths. I was so excited, so honored, yet so nervous! Below are the necklaces I made - as displayed at the show.
I was sent a couple of boxes of Tim Holtz's products in late November...

It was like an early Christmas present, how cool it was to receive a box full of amazing embellishments.
I made a variety of samples, some of which were accepted, some that Tim wanted tweaked and some that were not used. Below is everything I made...
This was one of the pieces Tim suggested I change to something my necklace above became 5 cards below...
Necklace made from the Idea-ology line...
This was was accepted
This one was not used
Another necklace made from the Idea-ology line....
This was accepted
I made a necklace from bottles, but Tim suggested I put the bottles in a shadow box.

So, this is what the end result was...
I made some mini banners hanging from hangers mounted on an old journal...
however Tim suggested I put the mini banners on canvas...
These were accepted
I made a college in a small wooden box...
This was accepted
Tim had these great letter tiles that i wove around a wire vase...
However, this was not used
I altered a bed with some of his products...
Unfortunately, this was also not used
I used one of the bird cages and wire wrapped beads and other embellishments around it.
This was accepted
Because I love making paper dolls, I had to make a couple of doll related items...
These were not used
Below are some cards I made with one of his face stamps...
These were accepted
Another necklace made from the Idea-ology line...
Tim asked that I add a new locket at the bottom
This was accepted
This is what my craft table looked like for about a month...
There's a great youtube video of one of Tim's booth on this web site from Noell Hyman: And also on One Lucky Day blog: And here's a link to Tim's recap of the show: Both Tim and One Lucky day will be posting more pictures from the CHA show next week.

I'm so thankful to Paula and Tim for giving me this great opportunity to create for them. What an honor it was to be in such great company. Putting on the CHA show is an incredible amount of work and these guys go all out!

I've also decided to create some similar necklaces to sell on etsy. I hope to have them posted by the end of the week, stay tuned.


  1. Stunning! I'm so inspired. Especially love your treatment of the fragments.

  2. Connie
    I am speechless!!!! OMG you have more than out done yourself! These are all amazing pieces! I say "class" time! You have out done yourself and I am thrilled for you! Many Blessings~~~~You truly are a "Talent"
    Laura H

  3. Amazing works of art, Connie! I especially love the altered bed & the paper doll necklaces.

  4. Connie
    Your creativeness deserves the special attention and recognition. This is definitely a milestone creating for Tim Holtz. Love it all but my favorites are the necklaces and the wooden box. R

  5. Just beautiful! What is your etsy info? I'd love to subscribe to your blog but cold not find the place to do

  6. Fabulous creations but not surprised since you're always coming up with something new. Hope everyone realizes if they click on the pictures, they can see each item up close & appreciate all the details involved in making these great pieces. F

  7. I just clicked over from the Tim Holtz site and found your lovely blog. The bed and paper dolls were my favorite projects but I can see how they are not enough TH style - but they're my style and I love them! I'm subscribing to your blog and looking forward to future posts - thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  8. Woo Hoo! Go Connie! I havent looked at your blog in awhile! You are so awesome! Love it all xoxox, Diana G

  9. connie that was fantastic!! love it all!! you never cease to amaze me with your talents. congrats on these beautiful pieces!
    i am so proud of you and for you!

  10. I am so glad Tim linked your blog! What an inspiration! And, your creations give me hope that I, too, will shed my hesitation and get down to creative business! Your projects are wonderful! Thank you so much for giving us an inside peek!

  11. I enjoyed all your creations, you do such Beautiful work!!

  12. Wow! You have been a busy lady! I love them all and would of accepted all of them!