Sunday, January 13, 2013

Washi Tape Shadow Box

This weekend I was in Alameda and went to Beverly's craft store. Beverly's always seems to carry slightly different product than both Michael's and Joann's, so it's fun to visit it once in awhile. I was thrilled to find this wonderful shadow box. I brought it home not sure whether I was going to paint it, stain it, add paper, etc. After seeing my huge collection of washi/tissue tape; however, I decided to cover the box with them. The picture below is the finished project:
Here's some pictures that show the step-by-step progress...
Although the shadow box is large (the dimensions being 15.5" in length, 11" high and 2.75" deep), it's very lightweight
And the best part: it has two layers. The top layer is split into halves and each half easily lifts up. The box costs $12.99 and right now all the boxes are 30% off. The Alameda store is currently sold out of this style, but they said they'll be getting more soon.
I didn't prime the box; I just started on one end and started taping the edges all the way around.
I did the top lid first, using a variety of widths, colors and patterns.
Then I did the lower portion...
Surprisingly, washi/tissue tape holds pretty well to wood. In places where it was peeling, I added a touch of glue.
I found using an exacto knife works great around the hinges.
 Filling the box was lots of fun, too. I put paper in some of the squares and left some blank.
My next post will be the reveal of the secret projects I worked on in December! (Hint: Tim Holtz).


  1. Connie ~ Love how you embellished the shadow box - very cute!

  2. What a fabulous shadow box. I didn't realize that there were so many different patterns of washi tape.
    This was brilliant of you to think of this for this project and so useful as well. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Fab shadow box Connie...Love of course all the washi tape, looks great! Thank you for the tips and place too purchase!
    Laura H :)

  4. love the idea of using tape! Looks great.