Saturday, September 4, 2010

Collage Photo Slides & Vintage Finds

I've been reading old issues of Somerset magazines and marking projects that inspire me. I thought that I should make at least one project per magazine and it would be like taking a private class taught by the author. This also lets me justify buying the magazines. I liked this idea from Norma Kooi who was in the Somerset Studio Gallery Winter 2009. She covered notebooks with old photo slides that she collaged. For my project, I put my photo slides on a painted canvas. I do love using that Julia face on the upper right corner. At the craft depot store you can buy these old photo slides for ten cents each.
Speaking of craft depot...this morning was the vintage sale there. Here are my goodies that I picked up: assorted lace, ribbon, rhinestone jewelry, doll parts & clothes, paint tubes, tobacco trading cards, books and this large sectional draw that everything is laying on top. Not sure how I'm going to use the drawer, but it will be great to put all my tiny treasures in and be able to see them all at once. I think one of my favorite items is the tiny china doll in the left corner. Maryl, I picked up an old Safeway needle book for you. You probably have it already, but you can add it to your collection.


  1. Very cute favorite is the boy in the car with the great hat...could be Lennon or Owen!! F

  2. I love your photo slide sweet! And I love the embroidered lace & paint box you bought at Craft Depot. What great finds!