Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Projects: Necklaces & More...

Saturday, Frances and I took a Twilight Scrapbook class from Marah Johnson. Frances is a big Twilight fan and I was looking for something to do in the morning. This is the book I made. I ended up inserting the Julia image inside the front pocket.

Saturday night we had the my nephew and his wife and two boys over for dinner. The little boys were both so adorable. Here's my nephew and his son, Owen, sitting up & watching tv.
This is Rachel pulling Lennon around the house on a blanket.

When Lennon comes over, he loves to draw and always wants paper and pens.

Today, I made a few things, one is a necklace made from a china doll head. I was inspired by a project CGS made that Lana had. I reduced an image from a Catherine Moore stamp . I made my girl into a necklace by just putting a shank button on her back and threaded a black seam binding through the shank.

Today, I also put together the necklaces that had on their site a week or so ago. It's a series of three necklaces. I used some of my own supplies and incorporated some of their ideas. They're three separate necklaces that can be worn together or apart.

Sunday, I did a quick trip to the Addison Doll sale and picked up this adorable baby from the 1930's. I love her face.


  1. Great photos of the kids, love your new necklaces, & crazy about your finished Twilight cover. Your talent is endless & energy & motivation to be admired! F

  2. Wow! Connie, awesome job on your necklaces & Twilight book! I'm impressed! Owen & Lennon are so cute!

  3. Hi Connie! I love what you did with that stamp and the little china head. I recognize the CGS flavor there too. Would you mind if I posted this doll to my Yahoo groups photo album?

  4. Hi Catherine, sure you can post the picture to your Yahoo group photo album...I'd be honored. Is this something I can access from your blog? I'd love to see the other work inspired by your stamps.

  5. Love the site, connie! This is my first time (finally, right?) checking it out. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!