Saturday, September 18, 2010

J-Pop Festival Today

Today was a great mother-daughter day. Rachel's favorite plush artist is Heidi Kenney from Pennsylvania. Heidi came out to the J-Pop festival at Japan Town in San Francisco for an outdoor festival. Here's Rachel with Heidi at her booth.
These are the softies that Rachel bought from Heidi today.

Many of the girls at the festival dressed up in this Lolita look...

Rachel was also in heaven with booths of mini cupcakes. Of course she had to sample a couple of them. This one was her favorite: peanut butter chocolate.

Then I found this booth that sold altered clothes. The artist made this bustle out of vintage doll clothes, it's so cute! The photo doesn't do it justice, but it's adorable in person. I had to buy it and I'm definitely going to wear it on my bday. She sold me matching cuffs too. The artist's name is Janay Rose. She was asked to be on Project Runway, but she turned it down! Here's her etsy site: She is also at Alameda Pt every month.
I don't wear cuffs, but I'll be wearing these with my bustle.

When we came home we did some baking together. Rachel found this recipe for Oreo popsicles. We froze them in these mini Starbucks paper cups. We have to wait 5 hours before we can eat them, so tomorrow will be the sampling.
So I bet you're wondering "where did she get Starbucks cups from?"...where else, Craft Depot! Don't worry, they were sealed in a plastic bag - not opened.
This is what they're suppose to look like when we take them out of the cups.

We also went to the book store today cuz Rachel couldn't wait to buy this cookbook: Cake Pop. Stay tuned for her creations from this one.


  1. What a fabulous way to spend a mother/daughter day. Love all the pics and Rachel looks adorable in her handmade headband. Her softies are so cute and so are your bustle and cuffs. I bet the Oreo popicles will be delicious and look forward to tasting a cake pop! F

  2. Great pics! How terrific that Rachel was able to meet Heidi. I love the altered skirt & cuffs and can't wait to see it on you and in person. I'm sure it looks fabulous!