Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Doll House Furniture Updated

Burlap is so popular lately, especially with furniture. I’ve seen some great pieces at Alameda Pt. flea market where they use burlap fabric to upholster old chairs and then they stamp some image on it. Just like these...

I would love one of those chairs but they're probably not very comfy to sit in, not to mention too expensive. So I had an idea, similar to what Connie Govea Stuart does to doll furniture. I re-upholstered an old doll house sofa with some fabric that looks like burlap. I stamped the fabric first with some text and then wrapped it around the cushion pieces. I also had to change the color of the wood from brown to antique white and distress it. The original piece had cute little red velet cushions.

Voila! My very own burlap sofa. Now I just need to shrink myself or enlarge the sofa.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post where I'll show you my latest discovery of the month!


  1. ok -love love love this...great bones you started with on that loveseat connie.
    ~ CGS

  2. Absolutely adorable furniture w/cute accessories and like your comment too! F

  3. Love how you re-upholstered the doll should submit to Somerset Workshop! I like what you wrote, too. Very clever & funny!