Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shopping, Eating & Creating (again)

Saturday, I spent the day with my sister Maryl, Connie (CGS), Lois and Nilufer.  It was going to be a day of  shopping, eating and favorite kind of day!  As every weekend goes, I have to make a stop at Craft Depot (aka East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse), so I brought along the gang in hopes we'd find some good treasures.  Here are my best finds: a glass pedestal and a box full of old recipes.

Here we are with our bags of goodies - it was a good trip.
Can u match the feet with the person?
Then we were off to Bake Sale Betty's and Genova Deli on Telegraph to pick up lunch.  If you've never been to BSB, they're famous for their fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw.  There's usually a long line out the door and they have these unique outdoor tables.

CGS bought a t-shirt too
After eating we ran out to Alameda and hit a couple stores, Daisy's on Park Ave (cute little store filled with knick-knacks) and Beverly's.  I bought this great necklace from Daisy's, it's a Jill Schwartz delicate.  Here's Jill's web site:

Now that we got the shopping and buying out of our system, we were ready to settle down for our artful playing (Yes, Giants game in the background).  Everyone had their own project to work on.

Nilufer Painting & Making Wire Art

Maryl Working On An Album

CGS & Nilufer Focusing On Their Art
Lois Cutting Out Her Rubber Stamps

CGS's Pile of Art

Maryl's Album
I worked on stamping crayola clay and making a paper doll piece

It was a fun girl day!

Thanks for taking our picture Nilufer
Sunday was a beautiful day, the family and I drove over to the city to go to our favorite ramen restaurant at Japan Town, Suzu.  No traffic on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, what a joy!

 Ernie took this great shot of Coit Tower while I was driving over the bridge.

Special Note: If you love Connie Govea Stuart's work as much as I do, you'll want to head out to Sweet Magnolia in Danville for her Trunk Show this Friday, Nov. 5th.  One-of-a-kind creations to bring sweet delights to your home.


  1. Great pictures, great projects, especially of the bridge and coit tower...what a fun weekend for everyone and having nice weather sure helps!

  2. Thanks Connie for hosting a great day of fun, creativity and camaraderie!!!

  3. It was a beautiful day Connie... Thank you so much for being a great host!! Fun! Fun! BTW; I'm still dreaming of that Lemon Curd!! :-)

  4. Thank you again connie- what a great fun day!Also
    for being such a good host for all of us
    (and teacher)... and for sharing the Sweet Magnolia Open news - ( bye bye October...we will miss you) thanks CF!