Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Day Projects

It's been raining the whole day, but those make wonderful craft days!  Here's what it looked like from my back deck - wet and cloudy.

Rachel (my 12 yr old daughter) and I were all ready to work on projects all day. We were definitely not leaving the house.

Rachel made this adorable bunny rabbit - it's one of my all time favorite softies she's made.  We named her "PopPy LoVe".  You'll never guess what the bunny head is made from!  I'll tell you later on in this post.  I just love the different color button eyes and the stripped legs.  I can see a whole family of these guys made from different material.  From ear to toe, PopPy LoVe is about 15" tall.

Here's the project I made today, a stuffed Santos doll. It didn't turn out as well as Rachel's PopPy LoVe.  Oh well, you don't know until you experiment.
Here's Rachel's other project of the day, an adorable mouse house.  She made each mouse, their clothes, the vase w/ flower, the curtains and the large mushroom.  This project kept her busy most of the day.

And finally back to PopPy LoVe. Her head is made from a knit glove!  She sewed down the thumb and two fingers, so that just two outside fingers would make the rabbit ears - clever huh?


  1. Rachel is so make the head out of a glove...who would have thought! And the Mouse House is very charming. I like your Santos doll...I think it's lovely!

  2. I love the PopPy LoVe doll - so whimsical. The color combinations and different patterns work really well together. Very creative Rachel.

    There's something about the Santos doll that is very ethereal and mysterious. I love the small bodice print with the black netting dress. The crystal pulls it all together.

  3. Forgot to mention that I LOVE the amanita muscaris MUSHROOM!!

  4. wow, rachel. i love the PopPy LoVe doll. can i put in an order for one for my birthday. i also love the mouse house and the magic mushroom.

    maybe you can be a children's book author and include a custom made doll who is the main character.