Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Birthday Weekend

For my birthday this year, my sisters and I had a wonderful private class with Gina Gabriell. She has a great store in Dublin with wonderful goodies, you gotta check it out if you're in the area.

Our project today was mini shrines. She provided lots of yummy vintage jewelry, trinkets, beads & paper to use on our projects.

Despite what it looks like, they're not arguing, that's just my sisters looking for the glue (JK).

The projects all turned out wonderful - it's me that can't take good pictures.

And here we are at the end of the class - what a fun way to spend the afternoon. In case you're wondering about the crown, Gina gave it to me.

For my bday gift, I asked my sisters to make me a paper doll, so that I could put them all together into one picture. They all turned out adorable. Dee, went above & beyond and made 6 of them and put them on a banner!

I haven't put them together in a picture yet, but here they are. I love the way they're dressed up for my bday party.

Tonight we had a fabulous dinner at Le Cheval.

And to top off a great week, I just picked up the latest issue of Haute Handbags. I was lucky enough to get one of my purses published in there. What a special bday present :-)


  1. I love how we all started out with the same materials and the necklaces came out so different! They're all lovely! Glad you enjoyed your birthday and congratulations on getting published in Stampington!

  2. Happy Birthday Connie! Looks like the fabulous sisters celebrated in high style once again. And congratulations to you for being published in Haute Handbags!

  3. Thanks gina for a great class and learned a lot. It was a wonderful day spending it with all the sisters and topped off by a fabulous lunch. Congrats connie on getting published...great article and bag. f