Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Favorite Find of The Month

I absolutely love the product that I found this month, “Komac Storage Cases”.   For those who like unmounted rubber stamps, this is a great way to store them.  If you don't buy unmounted stamps or know what they are, you don't need to bother reading this post. 

I purchased quite a few unmounted rubber stamps at the Rubber Stamp show last weekend.  They are stamps that aren’t mounted to a wooden block, but are meant to be used with an acrylic block.  There’re several steps to take before you can use the stamps. 

 1.  Cut the stamp image from the rubber mold (use Kai scissors - they're the best for cutting rubber) 
2. Mount the cut rubber to the cling foam.   There’s 2 slides to the cling form, one very sticky and one smooth.  Place the rubber stamp to the sticky side.  The smooth side is the side you attach to the acrylic block. 
3. Cut around the cling foam.  The best method for cutting the foam is using a heated exacto knife (It cuts the foam like butter). 
So, getting back to my favorite find.  Storing these unmounted stamps can be challenging, but these plastic clear cases are the perfect thing.  Here's what they look like in the case.
The Komac Storage cases are slightly bigger than a normal CD case and fit these stamps so perfectly.  You can stamp the images to a piece of card stock (that they give you pre-cut) and place it in the cover.  Or if you’re lucky, the packaging when you bought the stamps will fit right into the cover.  
I also labeled the edge so you easily know what’s in it when it’s stored on the shelf.  I love these cases, they’re easy to store along side our CD movies and games.  They're small and portable, so easy to take with you. 
You can also purchase the plastic storage sheets, however the problem with those is that your stamps have a tendency to fall off.   With these plastic cases you don’t have that problem.  Anyhow, I love them and just bought a bunch more to store all my unmounted stamps. 
Here’s where you can buy them.  The shipping is super fast and they work wonderfully!

P.S. This is not a paid advertisement :-)


  1. Even though I'm not much of a stamper, those are great tips for those who are. And who knows... maybe some day I will be. Thanks for your expertise!

  2. I've never seen these before, I'll have to check it out. My Character Construction stamps are just in a stack and tiny shoes, etc. have fallen off here and there when I rifle through them. This would be a way better way to keep them. Thanks for the info!