Sunday, September 30, 2012

Art Is You - Petaluma - Day 2

The second day of "Art Is You" started with an all day workshop with Leighanna Light. The project was a metal deck. I absolutely loved the project and all the techniques she taught. This is the cover of my deck (i.e. as in deck of cards).
Below is a picture of our wonderful teacher, Leighanna.
Here's how we started...
Pictures of students busy at work...
Below is a new friend I met, Betti who is from the East Coast and who made the class so much fun!
 Lex from A Work Of Heart was in my workshop as well - what a nice surprise!
Below are photos of my metal deck before the shellac and metal pieces were applied.
Here's a picture of us drying our deck after we put on the shellac.
Luckily it was a warm day, so these dried in no time. Below are the inside pages of my deck.
I have more metal embellishments to add, but this was a good start.
 I love the amber finish from the shellac.
The collage images came from my collection, you may recognize some of them.
 I finally got to use some of the Instructrial Chic charms.
That was a such a fun class, I would definitely take another class from Leighanna!

In the evening was the vendor fair. Here's me and my good friend Connie from LA. We did some shopping together around the vendor fair. The first time I met Connie was a year ago at this same event.
Here are my findings...primarily vintage items and some kits.
Connie came up from LA with her good friend Dede Warren. We all had a great time together!
Dede, Connie, Connie, Lana
 I'll post pictures from the final day in Petaluma tomorrow.


  1. I love how your "deck" of cards came out. What a work of art. Nice finds at the vendor fair, too. Can't wait to see Day 3.

  2. OMG....Connie this is wonderful! I love it so much! I would love to do this project and I hope she will teach again! Can't wait too see the rest of your projects!
    Laura H

  3. This sounds like fun with a deck of cards. Love it...Judith, Texas

  4. Love your "deck" of cards and really enjoy seeing all your pictures. This is a definite incentive to attend next year. R