Thursday, September 6, 2012

Domino Dolls

Okay, I already got side tracked from working on my quilt and made these Domino Dolls.
I purchased some dominoes a long time ago thinking that some day I'd alter them into something else and that time finally came. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was to turn them into dolls. Below, is the first one I made.
The head is paper clay that I made from one of my molds. Using my dremel tool, I drilled small holes for the legs and arms. The arms came from a Catherine Moore stamp from her "Inner Child" collection. The legs are narrow pieces of paper folded around wire. I collaged the body and added an accordion skirt made from a page of text.
For the domino girl above, I used the same stamp from the girl above for the head. I used sari ribbon and sewed a skirt that I glued around the waist. I drilled holes for the legs and used the same technique of folding paper around a piece of wire.
The domino girl above reminds me of a ballerina. I glued an image of a china doll head to the top. I cut apart a dress from one of Joanna Pierotti's digital sheet for the skirt. You can't see the arms too well in the photo, but I took some wire and threaded some vintage lace though it. Now that I look at this one, I think her head is too big, I might have to switch it out later.
My last domino girl is Marie. I made her skirt from a piece of wired burlap. I stamped the image of Marie from Catherine Moore's "Queen of Tarts" collection and cut out just the head & arms and glued them to the domino. Lastly, I sewed on a vintage skeleton key and bow.
Hope you like my new collection of domino girls.


  1. How very clever to use dominos for the dolls. Love the choice of fabrics you used for the skirts. Thanks for giving us your detailed step by step directions on how you made these wonderful dolls.

  2. Hi, you need to start selling your creations...You are too fun and talented not to share with everyone...See you soon, Debbie Addie

  3. Love them Connie :)
    I am with Debbie~I do wish you would sell some of your creations!
    Have a great week
    Laura H