Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doodling on Gem Tintypes & More

In my last project, the matchbox shrine, I used a photo copy of a Gem tintype and altered it with a white gel pen. Doodling on that tintype was so much fun, I decided to continue and doodle some more...hahaha!
I recently purchased a digital sheet of Gem tintypes from this etsy site: This is how it originally looked:
As I started to doodle, I decided to Google search if anyone else has done this. Sure enough, Stephanie Jones Rubiano has done some wonderful images, back in 2009. I used some of her ideas and added some of my own. She's an amazing artist, I just love her work! I'm going to add her to my blog list now. BTW, I just used a white gel pen for my doodling.

Next up, I want to share with you a wonderful find from Michael's.
In the jewelry department, similar to Susan Lenart Kazmer Industrial Chic, is another brand called art-i-cake by Amy Labbe. She has these adorable pieces with reproduction china doll heads. These were the two variations I saw.
I took the piece that's on the spoon and created the following necklace.
I used some sandpaper and took off some of the black paint on the hair, just to distress it a little and take off the gloss. Then I added a piece of vintage text and number just to personalize it a bit.
I also changed out the two clear beads that dangled from the spoon, and instead used a disco ball bead and a tear drop pearl.

And believe it or not, I also worked on my doll-house quilt this weekend! I finished embellishing another 10 panels.
Below, is a picture of all the completed panels that will be used in my quilt.
I purchased my background and border fabrics this weekend, so now I'm all set to start piecing this all together.

Coming up this weekend, is the Petaluma Art Is You convention. I'll be taking four workshops from some wonderful artist and also seeing some of my artist friends that I've met last year. I can't wait! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. Have a great week everyone!


  1. great ideas on the digital tintype sheet. i have followed stephanie on fb for a while. you are right: she is an incredible artist.

    thanks for posting about the china doll heads.. i found them on ebay for $25+. LOVE how you embellished them. further.

    enjoy "art is you" retreat.. and hope you post alot of pictures. it will be so exciting...

    omg.. your quilt looks fantastic..and you only have 2 days off...i want your energy..

    lana cano kloch

  2. Your tintypes are a riot. They're so pop art! Nice doodling job. Thanks for sharing the new item at Michael's. Your personal touches to the doll head spoon is what really makes it. If I could have half your energy and artistic ability, I would be happy.

  3. Connie I love your doodle tintypes...........I love the real tintypes! I have a few and look for them always! Thanks for sharing!
    And have fun in Petaluma this weekend! I have always wanted to attend but has never worked out for me , but someday I am coming and going with you and Lana!

  4. I'm so glad I found you!! You have inspired me with your doodling. I LOVE IT!!!! And I have gone crazy over Art-i-cake too!!! I'll be stalking.... I mean following you... I mean, I can't wait to see what you blog about next!!!