Monday, September 3, 2012

Picking up My Doll-House Quilt Again

You might remember long ago I started a quilt of dolls and houses. I never did finish fact it's been a few years (2009) since I worked on it last. I've been feeling guilty that I had another unfinished project sitting around, so this weekend I decided to pick it back up. This was a perfect project for this weekend, since I was too sick (caught my son's cold) to leave the house.

This is where I left off...
above I sewed 13 girl patches...
and 8 houses. The finished project is supposed to have 14 girls and 11 houses. This isn't a kit and there wasn't a pattern - but there was a picture of this adorable quilt in a book called Material I opted to try to make it myself.
Each image is supposed to be outlined with a running stitch and then embellished. So that's what I worked on this weekend. I was on a roll and finished 11 panels.
After looking at them, I decided to add eyes to each of the dolls. I use to love my Joan Walsh Anglund dolls and so I tried to replicate their faces. Below is a closer look at the dolls.
And the finished houses.
We'll see how long I can keep this going before I get tired of working on it again. Creating the panels is probably the best part of making this quilt - after this, sewing them together into one large square with a filler background fabric (which I have yet to purchase) will be a challenge, since all my panels are different shapes and sizes.

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Another wonder project of yours. It's great that you work in so many different mediums and share your ideas. I love your patch work quilt. Each one is so unique. Your eyes on the dolls gives are a nice touch.

  2. unbelievably talented and without a pattern, yet.. this is a massive undertaking. it looks incredible. can't wait to see it in person. a weekend well spent.. lana cano kloch

  3. Nice job, Connie! I can't wait to see the finished's going to look terrific!

  4. wish we were neighbors! we have way too much in common, quilting too! I ,love this quilt!!

  5. I made one of those quilts and love the way mine turned out. So much fun making those houses and dolls and putting it together is something of a puzzle. Hope you find the time to finish yours. Chris C